Acoustical wall treatments for your theater, music room or auditorium

Folding Equipment Company can provide acoustic panels for your music halls
and auditoriums

Working with acousticians and architects, we use our decades of expertise to identify and help engineer the right solutions to treat any acoustical problems in your hall area: hot spots where sound concentrates, dead spots music never reaches, and flutter echoes and excessive reverberation.

Folding Equipment Company in Toledo has acoustical treatments for your hall, theater or auditorium.

  • Acoustical panels for music rehearsal rooms
  • Performance acoustical treatments for the performance hall or auditorium.

Whether you're building a brand-new rehearsal space or need to enhance your existing space, we can provide the expertise and acoustical panels to help you succeed. We work with the top manufacturers of acoustical treatments so you don’t have to spend wasted time searching for acoustical treatments on your own.

Our manufacturers offer a number of acoustic panel coverings and fabrics that give you decorating freedom to customize your interior design and create a pleasing environment. We can even provide you with acoustical ceiling panels as well.

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