Folding Equipment Company has the essential toilet and washroom accessories you need for park facilities, schools, offices and any application.

Folding Equipment Company in Toledo Ohio has everything you need for all of your washroom and toilet accessory needs. Our toilet accessories come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. We have multiple types and finishes of toilet and washroom accessories so you can be assured you’ll have the best options for your facility.

Toilet and washroom accessories include:

  • Toilet grab bars
  • Washroom mirrors and shelves
  • Towel dispensers
  • Napkin disposals
  • Toilet seat cover dispensers
  • Napkin vendors
  • Toilet tissue holders
  • Baby changing stations
  • Soap dispensers
  • Hand dryers
  • Toilet security items
  • Shower seats
  • Shower curtains and rods
  • And more
Contact a Folding Equipment Company representative today to see our complete line of toilet partitions and washroom accessories.

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